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Our Values

At the heart of Ofilms lies our people and our values.  Our values guide our operations, strategies, and culture.

These values define what we stand for, how we deliver quality and how we drive the success of our events.


Everything starts with partnership.

Through partnership we emphasise the importance of collaboration, teamwork, and mutual trust in achieving shared goals. It recognizes that no organization can operate in isolation, and that working closely with others leads to better outcomes for all parties involved.

We know that live events can be all-consuming so we work as an extension of your team, well organised, passionate about your event and always willing to go the extra mile so that you can be sure of world class production on your event.

We start by communicating clearly, honestly and in a timely manner.  We get under the skin of your event to understand your goals and what you want to achieve.

Partnership also extends to how we work with our crew and our suppliers.  Where we need to, we work with trusted partners who share our values and our approach.

From the start, our strong partnership with you creates part of the foundation for delivering success in every event.

Building on the foundation of partnership and the bedrock of dependability, we can deliver quality and creativity.

Our commitment to quality, reflects a commitment to excellence and the continuous improvement of our services.

It demands attention to detail, a focus on client needs, and a dedication to meeting and exceeding expectations.

By planning meticulously, preparing for all eventualities, testing and rehearsing, whether it's a small online event or a large event for thousands, we continually strive to deliver exceptional, premium quality live video and events.



Putting our creative juices to work, we foster innovation, experimentation, and out-of-the-box thinking.


Recognising that the world is constantly changing we're not afraid to challenge the status quo to create engaging and interactive events that communicate your message clearly and memorably.

It’s only live once.


So trust and reliability demonstrate our dependability in all aspects of our operations.  Emphasising the importance of consistency, transparency, and accountability, dependability ensures that our customers and partners can always count on Ofilms to deliver what we promise.

Dependability means we use tried and tested equipment, processes and teams to deliver; and if it’s state-of-the-art, you can be sure that we’ve tested it to it’s limits.

We do things when we say we will.  We build our production rigs in the warehouse before we ship them to site so that they are tested and ready to go when we arrive.


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