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Multi-room Multi-stream Hybrid Conference

The Brief

Our client, an international membership organisation, asked us to provide technical production for their first hybrid event after lockdown.


With a range of interest groups involved in the two-day event, they needed to produce three simultaneous broadcasts, one from each of the physical stages.

As a fully hybrid event, each session would have an in person and an online audience as well as both in person and remote presenters joining via video link.

The Project

With over 50 remote presenters joining the hybrid sessions to present and interact with the audience work began months in advance, providing advice, arranging technical rehearsals and checking remote setups.

We meticulously planned the many video links required over the two-day conference and provided asset management of graphic and presentations so that presenters, sessions and venues were all in the right place at the right time.

Our advanced planning continued with a site visit to the venue, pre-event technical tests and liaison with the venue staff.

In each of the 3 venues our technical setup consisted of audio capture with mixing and a production gallery drawing together multiple cameras, main and backup graphics and redundant video links.  Graphics, cameras and video links were mixed and displayed both in the venue and on the venue’s dedicated live stream.  A central command and control centre was set up to monitor the broadcasts and provide backup internet connectivity to the 3 venues.

The Result

Following two days of continuous live streaming and all remote participants able to join their sessions the conference was a success.


Head of Events

Thanks for all your team's support this week to make our hybrid event a success.

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