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Multi-day Studio Broadcast

The Brief

In the midst of lockdown, an annual conference with a regular attendance of around 5000 delegates wanted to continue to engage and educate their audience.

Transferring their week long conference to an online format, we were tasked to provide pre-recording of content and a multi-camera live broadcast from two linked live studios.

With a passion for accessibility, our client also wanted to retain the accessibility of their in-person event when transferring it online, so we also had to consider the need for British Sign Language Interpreting on the live streams. 

The Project

Working with our client before the event, we pre-recorded some of the content remotely.  We advised on how to adjust the programme when transitioning to online.

In the studio, we provided a flexible 5 camera solution with a jib and remotely controlled cameras to cover both the host studio and the entertainment studio.

British Sign Language Interpreters connected remotely via video link with green screen backgrounds and were integrated live into a second, interpreted live stream channel. 

The event was hosted on a bespoke, branded digital delegate site with branding and customisations to highlight the continuity of the event from the on-site, in person format.

The digital delegate site enabled quick and easy switching between the live streams, one with and one without BSL interpretation.  It also provided 'Watch Again' catch up access to all of the live broadcasts.

The Result

The event was a success, with between 3000 and 4500 concurrent viewers hosted each day to watch the live broadcasts on the digital delegate site each day.

Viewers loved the delegate chat funtion and were excited to be able to maintain relationships from the in person conference.

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