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GreenGo 4 Channel Wireless Beltpack WBPX

GreenGo 4 Channel Wireless Beltpack WBPX

The GreenGO Beltpack X can make use of 32 available channels, a program audio channel and an extra channel for direct user communication.
  • Specifications

    • 3000 Users
    • 250 Groups
    • 32 Configurable channels per device
    • Ethernet
    • DECT
    • Digital Audio
    • Distributed System
    • Low latency
  • Product Info


    View the GreenGo Product page on

    GreenGo Product page

  • About GreenGo

    The GreenGo ethernet network based digital comms system provides a highly configurable, crystal clear showcomms communication that can be quickly deployed in any environment.

    The Green-Go talkback units each hold a copy of the system configuration meaning no central matrix, processor or dedicated cabling and providing unrivalled resilience for a show comms setup.

    The Green Go intercom can be used on any pre-existing or Ofilms cat5/6 network and all wired devices are powered by PoE massively simplifying setup

    With wireless and wired comms units, the Green Go comms system can be used in a variety of configurations, linking production units that are physically separated in a way that is not possible with traditional showcomms systems.