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Everything we love about GreenGo Show Comms

Why should you use GreenGo comms for your next event? What makes GreenGo different?

There’s a lot to love about GreenGo’s digital intercom system, why do we think it’s so fantastic? The GreenGo intercom has a number of major advantages over other show comms setups.

Here are a few reasons why we think the GreenGo comms system is the best show comms system for your next event.

It won’t let you down…


The GreenGo comms system has no single point of failure. After setting up the users and channels in the management interface, the whole configuration is distributed to each and every device. This means that, should any one device fail during an event, the rest of the system is unaffected and users can still communicate with each other. It also means that adding a new device to the ecosystem is as simple as cloning the config from another device, something that can be done without disturbing and of the other devices.

For all the control freaks…


Configure multiple channels and push individual configurations to each and every device. Set up your client, production manager, video director and camera operator controls from a single management interface without having to visit each and every device. Respond to requests for changes, update the configuration and push new configurations out with ease keeping all devices up-to-date

Easy to use, perfectly formed…

Multiple interfaces

The GreenGo comms system has a variety of station form factors including rack mount, beltpacks and desk stations to suit the needs of every member of the production team. With GreenGo’s versatile endpoints you can Incorporate a rack based station into a fly pack to minimise on site setup, provide the production manager and director with desktop, easy to use, interface and provide stage managers, camera operators and LX with beltpacks that are discreet and easy to carry around, either wireless or wired.

Unlimited potential…


The GreenGo comms system is built on ethernet protocols that mean the range of the system is only limited by the network that they are implemented on making it easy to extend the show comms system to multiple locations with wired, wireless and VPN network links. With GreenGo you can easily link Show Control with an OB truck via tactical fibre or a point-to-point wireless link. Connect a control booth over the in house network infrastructure without having to run additional cables, link a remote vision mixing studio over a VPN or bring together multiple event venues around the world as demonstrated by this setup spanning around the globe.

Still with the old, in with the new…


GreenGo’s analogue interface allows it’s comms system to integrate with existing analogue systems so you don’t need to completely ditch your analogue setup.

Everyone in the loop…


Create multiple channels to enable easy communication between teams, bring better clearer communication to your event and remove limitations so that no one misses their cue Keep the client on a separate channel so that the production manager can manage client communications separately to team instructions Reduce chatter and noise by keeping internal team communication on separate channels so that you can get your message across.

Stay in the room…


Using the 2-wire interface, allow operatives to tune in to program audio so that they can efficiently respond to live events and individually control the program audio levels

Be clear, crystal Clear…


Without exception, everyone we know who uses GreenGo’s digital comms comments on the clarity of speech over their existing analogue comms system Coupled with the ability for each users to independently control the volume of individual channels, this means you can be sure that important messages to change shot, develop, or get someone out on stage won’t be missed. Get your critical message across.

Ofilms stock a wide range of GreenGo comms available for hire, see our hire pages for a full inventory of the GreenGo products that you can hire from us. We also have a series of videos to help you set up your GreenGo system

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