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GreenGo Multi Channel Rack Station


The GreenGo Multi Channel Rack Station (GGO-MCX) is a versatile 32 channel rack mounted talkback comms unit with a customisable 18 button, 2 page, full colour interface providing access to all 32 channels. With 3 colour displays, each button can be assigned to a user or group and shows user/group name, volume and channel status. Rack mountable with a microphone connector on the front panel as well as the standard GreenGo headset connector, this unit provides the ultimate fixed comms unit available in the GreenGo range. Part of the Green Go digital Ethernet comms system it enables the user to communicate directly with other individual team members and with groups. As with all GreenGo units, it also has the standard Program Audio, Announcement and Emergency channels.


  • 3000 Users
  • 250 Groups
  • 32 Configurable channels per device
  • Ethernet
  • DECT
  • Digital Audio
  • Distributed System
  • Low latency

Product Info


View the GreenGo Product page on greengodigital.com

GreenGo Product page

GreenGo Control

View the GreenGo Product page on greengodigital.com

GreenGo Control Download Page

About GreenGo

The GreenGo ethernet network based digital comms system provides a highly configurable, crystal clear showcomms communication that can be quickly deployed in any environment.

The Green-Go talkback units each hold a copy of the system configuration meaning no central matrix, processor or dedicated cabling and providing unrivalled resilience for a show comms setup.

The Green Go intercom can be used on any pre-existing or Ofilms cat5/6 network and all wired devices are powered by PoE massively simplifying setup

With wireless and wired comms units, the Green Go comms system can be used in a variety of configurations, linking production units that are physically separated in a way that is not possible with traditional showcomms systems.

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