Event Solutions

Creating solutions for the most challenging client requests

Over the last 10 years, Ofilms has built a reputation for creating bespoke solutions to deliver on the most fiendish requests.

Every once in a while a client presents a request or requirement that is outside of your core service offering, outside of acceptable levels of risk or outside of your capability.

In these scenarios, Ofilms have garnered a reputation for creative application of niche experience, advanced technology and creative problem-solving to deliver for your client.





Cracking the nut

Multi-table low-cost dictation

The brief:

Record discussions at 15 tables of 10 people simultaneously. Instead of having a note-taker at each discussion table for a sales conference the client requested a cost-efficient means of recording each table’s discussion for transcribing off-site after the event.

The solution:

After establishing that audio quality was not a critical requirement and ruling out an audio engineer mixing feeds to a central sound desk and recording station, we recommended the use of Zoom audio recorders in the centre of each table. Branded covers were designed and created to hide the bulk of the audio records.

The result:

Operators were trained in how to use the recorders and while the end client decided not to record the discussions on the day, having conducted thorough testing in our warehouse, we’re confident that this was the right solution.


Dual split multi-screen display

The brief:

Display two 3-person bands on 6 displays. Each band was to be streamed into the venue to join with a musician playing live. Each band of 3 was to be captured by a single camera and the musicians were to be displayed each on their own portrait video display in the venue, requiring each video feed to be displayed across 3 screens. Adding to the technical complexities, we were given just 2 days notice and the venue was a roman amphitheatre with limited access and very limited power supply.

The solution:

After stripping the requirements back to the original creative design we designed and implemented an innovative multi-split, LED wall solution, with 2 LED walls each split into 3 to attain the desired effect. With no site visit possible, we planned for multiple variances and packed to cover every eventuality.

The result:

When the client walks in and exclaims ‘Wow’ after 3 days of intense prepration and rigging, you know it was worth it!


Remote local video distribution

The brief:

Transmit a live video feed from a site with limited internet connectivity on one side of a Lake District town to a second site on the other side of town with no direct line of sight.

The solution:

Install dual Teradek encoders at the main site, co-opt a friendly vicar’s church tower and create 2 wireless point-to-point links traversing a dog-leg across the town, linked with a temporary LAN created in the church’s bell tower and with an internet-based video feed as backup. (Remembering to disable the bell’s chimes while working in the tower!).

The result:

A resilient video feed capable of delivering cost-effective local video broadcast for a 3-week event with 0% downtime.


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