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Do you want to grow your audience globally with minimal barriers to entry for international attendees in an environmentally sustainable way?

Would you like to provide more value to your conference attendees from within your existing conference agenda?

digital delegate provides an easy and cost effective way to open up your event to new audiences and maximise the ROI from your existing events without increasing the event team’s workload.

Who is it for?

Powering a sustainable reach and ROI

digital delegate is for:

  • Conferences who want to build their community while protecting their content
  • Events at capacity in a venue you love, with a great location and facilities, and where you want more people to benefit from the amazing content at your event without sacrificing your current venue
  • If your event is regularly selling out but moving to a larger venue would involve a lot more risk
  • If the subjects and content covered at your conference have a global audience and you want to grow international attendees without increasing the environmental footprint of the event
  • If you want to reach more people in the 18-34 age range – studies show that 63% of people ages 18-34 are watching live-streaming content regularly
  • Events with great value content that want to maximise their return on investment

What are the benefits?

digital delegate access generates multiple benefits for organisers and attendees alike:

Increased social engagement

Consumers are 39% more likely to share video content over text and images.
Engage new audiences through the networks of existing attendees

Build your community by publishing video content and let your attendees share the content that they loved

Greater value for delegates

Traditionally conference material is only available on the day – offer catch up access through the rest of the year
Attendees have to choose between tracks and can’t be in two places at once – offer access to every session

Provide access to multiple tracks by publishing video of sessions online
Free or reduced price digital access for conference delegates, providing even more value with their ticket

Generate additional ROI from content

Popular content shouldn’t be limited to a physical audience or limited dates

Create additional revenue from content created at the conference with pay per view access in the months following

How does it work?

Protect and maximise the value of your content by selling tickets (via pay-per-view or subscription solutions) to a live stream or video on demand broadcast of your conference. Provide digital access to broadcasts of plenary and seminar sessions with video of speakers & panels, slide decks and the ability to interact with Q&A sessions for delegates unable to travel to be at your conference in person.

digital delegate provides everything you need to put a new, larger, audience in your venue. By providing an all inclusive solution, encompassing cameras and operators, graphics and transitions, broadcast services and video direction, paywall and video portal we are able to extend the reach of any conference with lower risk than moving venue and lower environmental impact than flying in international delegates.

Choose from a range of options and add-on packages like live translation and a live stream presenter to introduce plenary sessions.


Paywall (monetization or data collection)
Live Broadcast
Video on Demand recording
In Venue display
Video Direction
Video Capture
Keynotes, breakouts, content
Live stream presenter
Live translation

The live stream and video on demand can be integrated with an existing conference website or content can be hosted on a standalone branded video portal provided by Ofilms.

If you choose our standalone portal option, we’ll provide you with a link to share with your followers, community and potential attendees as part of your marketing campaign.

Tickets can be sold on a per session, or whole-conference basis and the purchase process is simple and straightforward.

Live stream for maximum impact and interaction on social media, or select video on demand only and make content available after the event.

We can also provide a feed to your existing projection or video wall in the venue, or we can provide a full display service to make the most of the captured images and providing the best experience for all of your attendees.

Once your conference has ended and sessions have been filmed, videos are made available online and are ready to view on demand.

If you’d like a branded sample site set up for your event, or to discuss offering digital delegate access for your conference or event, get in touch using the form below, or give us a call on 02030 512 125

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