About Us

OFilms have been providing broadcast and production services to clients for over 20 years.

Our approach puts you and your audience first.  During the planning stages, we work with you to understand your vision and tailor our solution to the needs of your business and your audience.

Our experience includes live streaming large conferences, product launches, house of worship and live music; providing turnkey solutions that include video capture, encoding, connectivity and streaming platforms.

Through our thorough and high quality approach to event video and video display, we are often asked to provide full production services, including lighting, audio and display.

We love to provide technical solutions for event requirements that are a bit unusual, outside of core AV offerings or outside of acceptable levels of risk.  Find out more and discover some recent examples of our innovative event solutions

Equipped with professional, performance-grade equipment that is designed for the demanding environment of live events our experienced, knowledgeable and capable team will quickly demonstrate their effectiveness and instil the kind of trust that will mean you can focus on your customers and your event, not on technology.

Get in touch today to find out how our team of experts can help you broadcast your vision and engage a wider audience with your event.


Put names to faces

Core Team


Oliver Waits


With over 20 years of experience working with high-end tools and multi-million pound projects in video, lighting and sound Oliver is a well-known face in event production.

At home it’s the chickens who rule the roost and when he’s not chasing them back into the coop Olie can be found working on personal projects like ScreenMonkey.

Gareth Batten

Operations & Business Development

For the previous 7 years, Gareth has been managing a wide range of technical projects and programmes in the IT world.

Following a recent career break, he joined Ofilms, and has since been applying his technical and project management skills to the delivery of live events.

Gareth is dad to 3 energetic young boys and enjoys spending weekends teaching them to swim, building bike sheds and generally mucking in.


Supporting Team


Alex Robinson

Video Producer

Alex brings his creative flair to every project and is as skilled behind the camera as he is adept in post-production.

Based in the innovative city of Birmingham, Alex also has a passion for stills photography.

A self-pronounced coffee snob Alex recons he can spot a good (or bad) coffee a mile off.

Matt Dennis

Broadcast Audio

With Matt on the team we know the audio is going to be pitch-perfect.

An accomplished musician, Matt studied Music and Sound Recording on the Tonmeister course. He’s a trusted audio engineer with live, recording and broadcast experience.

Matt is based in Sheffield, and when he’s not working, he enjoys cycling in the Peak District, eating out and watching England play cricket.


What we offer

We are experts in streaming, broadcast and event video; offering bespoke video solutions that deliver your content to your audience.

We work with corporate, entertainment, private and charitable events around the UK designing creative solutions to every kind of challenge.  Live Stream from a remote part of North Wales? Display a live stream on an LED wall in a Roman Amphitheatre or run a temporary TV channel on a private TV network?  Whether your audience is large or small, global or in a hotel around the corner, we can provide a broadcast solution that delivers.

Contact us today to find a solution for your project.

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