About Us

OFilms have been providing broadcast and production services to clients for over 20 years.

During that time we have worked on a many exciting projects around the UK and Europe and our kit is regularly being packed off around the world to support events in far flung places.

Our approach puts the customer first. We are committed to working with you to understand your vision and deliver flawlessly on every project.

Our team of experts will help you broadcast your vision.

We are experts in streaming and event production:

Our bespoke camera setups and bespoke racks can provide internet streaming, site-to-site streaming, long distance communication, digital processing, format conversion, and networking.

And we love event production: When it comes to planning, designing and managing your event we have the people and skills to deliver.

Whether you are looking for someone to manage your whole event or to dovetail into your existing teams, we can take the load off.